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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

first day bloging

MMM.... tak tau apa nak tulis on my first day. Actually this blog is dedicated to my family back home in that they could joint in and share my live here in Rio. Since this is my first entry, I would like to introduce the main star that u will see and hear about them again and again and again. Let me call them as ms MW (she is now 3+). She goes to British School here and love it so much. She is now in pre nursery class. As for ms SW she goes to school also every day but just to send kakak to school . Than after she will go home and take 1 or 2 hr morning nap....!! what nice life...after all she always claim that ..."shes is still a baby" Cukup lah...for now. Salam to all and ...Cio!!


  1. Hey !! Where did my comment go just now???

    Anyway... welcome to blogger's world RR !!!

    So happy that you finally do it. Look forward to your exciting entries in Rio :D

    MW and SW are so adorable!! mmuuaahhh... from autie IA :D

    Btw, what is "oi rio"???

  2. Hellooo... dah pergi holidayyyy keee????? :D

  3. Hello RR sayang!! Sunyi sepi je rumah ni? Cuti krismas x habis lagi?? Ke awk balik Jerman/M'sia?

  4. Hello RR sayang ooi!!! Dah bersawang rumah ni!!! har..har..har..